Technology and Application

VIANT is a user-friendly and more sustainable way to improve the coating process – and a big step towards greater usability, increased efficiency, and lower environmental impact.

Simply stronger coatings

Homogenous thick dry films on inner surfaces and higher coverage on edges: compared other conventional coatings, VIANT increases coating performance while saving you costs and process steps.



Pioneering corrosion protection

Higher coverage on edges and corners

The VIANT process builds a unique wet coating film driven by liberating ions from the metal surface rather than applying electricity. The film itself has a high viscosity, is robust, and adheres even on sharp edges. This ensures consistent and significantly higher corrosion protection.

Consistent corrosion protection – outside and inside

VIANT achieves homogenous thick dry films on inner surfaces and higher coverage on edges than conventional coatings in the market. You also save costs and process steps as just one layer combines conversion coating and primer paint.

Corrosion protection and primer paint in one

The VIANT process combines conversion coating and primer paint in just one coating layer – with excellent performance on complex structures. It is directly applied onto the steel surface, so no extra conversion coating is needed. Compared with other methods, which typically require at least one additional coating layer, VIANT saves you an entire process step and reduces your resource demand.

Superior chemical resistance

The coating is based on an innovative epoxy-based binder system, offering broad chemical resistance against most solvents and acids. The result: the coated metal parts are protected, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Free of heavy metals – and worries!

VIANT’s wet coating film is low in solvent and completely free of heavy metal, causing less air pollution and a lower environmental impact.

Facts? Advisory? Service?

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