A smarter way to corrosion protection

The VIANT process is a conversion coating and primer paint in just one coating layer that enables reliable corrosion protection on edges and inner surfaces. It leads to a shorter process chain, resource savings and reduced running costs.

I improve performance.
Quality Manager

“In my job, I ensure that our products meet corrosion quality standards before they go to the market. Products coated with VIANT are not only more robust at edges and inner surfaces, the coating process itself is convenient and robust, too.”

I drive innovation.

“In the complex world of today, my company keeps moving forward. Through continuous improvement and innovations, we can think like our customers. VIANT is our way to remain a reliable partner in the future as well.”

A giant leap in coating

Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Lower electricity, water, and chemical consumption
  • Just one process step for conversion coating and primer paint
  • Free of heavy metals
Enhance your corrosion protection
  • Higher edge coverage
  • Homogenous dry films also on inner surfaces
  • Superior chemical resistance
Simplify your coating process
  • No electricity for coating deposition
  • Enhanced process stability
  • Minimized maintenance effort
Improve your total cost of ownership
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced line investments
  • Lower running costs

Technology & Processes

VIANT is a conversion coating and primer paint in just one coating layer, ensuring high coverage on edges and inner surfaces. The process does not require any high voltage, new equipment or intensive training but still saves you costs and resources.

One process – numerous benefits

  • Easy to operate
  • Sustainable processes
  • Reduced variable costs and downtime
  • Highly innovative
  • Increased efficiency
  • Outstanding performance on edges and inner surfaces
Questions? Guidance? Advisory?

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First automotive component company is using VIANT

A company from Turkey is the very first company to use VIANT for producing parts for the automotive component aftermarket.


Every month millions of spokes are coated with VIANT

Since 2020 a bicycle components supplier in India is using VIANT for their spoke production.


Higher corrosion protection on inside surfaces of tubes

In 2020 an Indian bicycle producer decided to use VIANT for enhancing the corrosion protection of their bicycles.