General Conditions of Use

1. Copyrights

The structure, contents and layout of the Chemetall/Viant Internet sites are subject to copyright protection. Any reproduction, modification, translation as well as the saving, transmission and processing in other media of any type are protected by copyright law. Any utilization – even in part – is only permitted with the prior written consent by Chemetall to the extent that the respective contents, images or texts (or parts thereof) have not been expressly marked as free for publication (like the press releases, for example). The images are protected pursuant to § 72 UrhG (German Copyright Act). All rights of publication and copyrights are the property of Chemetall (unless marked otherwise) and remain in full force irrespective of the type of transmission.

Images and texts of press releases may only be used for editorial purposes. Any electronic or other manipulation distorting the facts or contents is expressly forbidden. Reproduction of texts and images released to the press is cost-free, however, we ask you to send us a specimen copy. Chemetall/Viant images must be provided with the copyright indication “© year Chemetall GmbH. All rights reserved.“


2. Logos and Trademarks

The Chemetall/Viant logo as well as all product names listed on these pages (unless expressly marked otherwise) are either registered trademarks of Chemetall GmbH, its associated companies or licensed to Chemetall. Any unauthorized or improper use is expressly forbidden and may constitute an infringement of the trademark right, only other intellectual property rights and/or the competition law.


3. Disclaimer of Third Party Liability

Individual pages of this website may contain hyperlinks to other sites on the Internet which are not published or maintained by Chemetall, for which Chemetall  therefore does not take any responsibility and whose contents are unknown to Chemetall. Our links to third party Internet pages shall not be construed as an evaluation or recommendation but are merely intended to facilitate user navigation. Responsibility for the contents of the linked pages exclusively lies with their respective operators.

This disclaimer shall be applicable for all links shown in this domain and for all contents of the pages accessed via these links.


4. Exemption from Liability

Despite careful examination of the data contained on this homepage we cannot take on any liability for their correctness. We reserve the right to modify or delete individual or all contents on this website at any time and without prior notice.

Any user shall be exclusively responsible for his own decisions, which he takes on the basis of the information provided. Also, we shall not be liable for any damage, neither direct nor indirect, related to the use of this website or our server.

We go to great organizational and technical lengths to protect all Chemetall computers against unauthorized manipulation and computer viruses. However, we cannot guarantee that they are free from viruses or unauthorized program codes and take no liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from such software. Therefore, we recommend all users to ensure sufficient protection of their computers, e.g. by way of regular safety updates of their software and the use of virus scanners, prior to visiting our homepage and downloading documents.

Chemetall also takes no responsibility for the availability of the services and information offered on its website and for them being free from malfunction.


5. Chemetall Products

Chemetall  does not guarantee that the products listed on this website are also available in your country. Product descriptions provided on this website shall not be construed as a warranty for the composition and appearance of such products, and we neither explicitly nor implicitly guarantee that the products are suited for specific applications.


6. Forward-Looking Statements and Declarations of Intent

Where any forecasts, forward-looking statements or declarations of intent are made on our website, these are made to the best of our knowledge available at the time of first publication. The actual events may vary from earlier statements relating to the future. Chemetall does not plan to continuously update all forward-looking statements given on this website.


7. Miscellaneous

These Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for disputes relating to this Internet homepage shall be Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Should any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.